Virginia, USA


Notes: Colony of Virginia, British Colonial America 1607 - 1776
Virginia, USA 1776 - PRESENT

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aughe, Elizabeth  12 Mar 1797Virginia, USA I7307
2 Bogan, Andrew M.  8 Jan 1802Virginia, USA I10715
3 Bogan, Dolly  CA 1781Virginia, USA I10694
4 Bogan, Elizabeth  CA 1785Virginia, USA I10696
5 Bogan, Isabella  1778Virginia, USA I10695
6 Bogan, Jane  15 Mar 1787Virginia, USA I10713
7 Bogan, John Armisted  CA 1776Virginia, USA I10691
8 Bogan, Lucinda  13 Aug 1800Virginia, USA I8209
9 Bogan, William E.  CA 1778Virginia, USA I10692
10 Brannon, Sarah  1811Virginia, USA I11513
11 Buck, Lucinda  CA 1803Virginia, USA I8763
12 Bumerotz, Eleanor  1803Virginia, USA I4652
13 Caw, Ann Elizabeth Jane  CA 1830Virginia, USA I5985
14 Collins, Levi  1814Virginia, USA I11481
15 Collins, Thomas  1811Virginia, USA I11514
16 Colvin, James Jr.  24 Jan 1778Virginia, USA I1456
17 Cress, Abraham  1792Virginia, USA I5185
18 Cresswell, Sarah  27 Dec 1840Virginia, USA I8063
19 Deacon, Mary Ann  CA 1787Virginia, USA I8115
20 Detty, Elsy  CA 1795Virginia, USA I4066
21 Dotson, James David  CA 2 Aug 1844Virginia, USA I2714
22 Dye, Mary Ann  26 Mar 1809Virginia, USA I6974
23 Fairburn, Elizabeth Jane  Between 1809 and 1812Virginia, USA I2019
24 Farris, Jane  17 Oct 1796Virginia, USA I8761
25 Flora, John  CA 1790Virginia, USA I4063
26 Fry, Hannah  8 Oct 1797Virginia, USA I11061
27 Gallagher, Elizabeth  CA 1795Virginia, USA I9920
28 Gray, Daniel  1798Virginia, USA I10716
29 Hisey, Christian  22 Apr 1812Virginia, USA I7873
30 Hisey, Elizabeth  CA 1811Virginia, USA I7878
31 Hisey, Hannah S.  UNKNOWNVirginia, USA I7863
32 Hisey, Joseph Daniel  CA 1814Virginia, USA I7880
33 Horde, Isabella  CA 1810Virginia, USA I3964
34 Kearns, Martha J.  1828Virginia, USA I20
35 Kniseley, Eliza  UNKNOWNVirginia, USA I2715
36 Lawson, David Nathaniel  1806Virginia, USA I900
37 Leeth, John Sr.  1789Virginia, USA I344
38 Long, Catharine  1787Virginia, USA I142
39 Long, Eleanor  11 Oct 1796Virginia, USA I4877
40 Meyers, Mary  Virginia, USA I4060
41 Miller, Abraham  CA 1810Virginia, USA I9911
42 Miller, Christian  27 Aug 1799Virginia, USA I9908
43 Monger, Henry  1754Virginia, USA I10389
44 Orm, Mary Ann  1801Virginia, USA I3774
45 Patterson, Francis Frank  1822Virginia, USA I10717
46 Price, Daniel  5 Jan 1760Virginia, USA I10204
47 Riggs, Hariett  27 Aug 1799Virginia, USA I6837
48 Roderick, Catherine  CA 1787Virginia, USA I4945
49 Sellers, Elizabeth  1802Virginia, USA I10151
50 Sellers, Joseph  CA 1793Virginia, USA I10131

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bogan, John Armisted  CA 1828Virginia, USA I10691
2 Dawson, Jack Stewart  5 Aug 1986Virginia, USA I6555
3 Flora, Ann  Bef 1850Virginia, USA I1532
4 Fultz, Rosanna  UNKNOWNVirginia, USA I7876
5 Hisey, Christian  UNKNOWNVirginia, USA I7875
6 Koch, Margaret Steiner  1834Virginia, USA I7640
7 Runkle, Catherine  9 Oct 1846Virginia, USA I10795
8 Runkle, Jacob  28 Sep 1851Virginia, USA I10829
9 Runkle, Mary  UNKNOWNVirginia, USA I10769
10 Runkle, Peter  Sep 1821Virginia, USA I7540
11 Smith, Jacob  Aft 1850Virginia, USA I1497


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Flora, Albright  Between 1760 and 1770Virginia, USA I3990
2 Flora, Archibald  CA 1794Virginia, USA I4127
3 Flora, Thomas  CA 1800Virginia, USA I4058
4 Florea, Charity  7 Aug 1791Virginia, USA I1990
5 Smith, Jacob  CA 1793Virginia, USA I1497


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fudge / Nicholas  10 Aug 1790Virginia, USA F4028
2 Miller / Nicholas  1785Virginia, USA F4027
3 Riggs / Dye  19 Nov 1829Virginia, USA F2775
4 Tarvin / Flora  CA 1788Virginia, USA F826