Indiana, United States


Latitude: 40.0002806, Longitude: -86.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Amy Adelia  Abt 1834Indiana, United States I734
2 Beck, Henry W.  2 Oct 1865Indiana, United States I2079
3 Brooks, Adeline  11 Jun 1842Indiana, United States I2839
4 Brown, Jonas  15 Jan 1875Indiana, United States I346
5 Buckey, Alma  Mar 1898Indiana, United States I12711
6 Buckey, Iva Ethel  Dec 1889Indiana, United States I12710
7 Buckey, William E.  1 Oct 1864Indiana, United States I2213
8 Compton, Martha  8 Jan 1845Indiana, United States I10558
9 Dunn, Mabel May  Indiana, United States I5520
10 Fox, Francis M.  Abt 1839Indiana, United States I5178
11 Gardner, Erastus Heber  13 May 1849Indiana, United States I12450
12 Gross, John  Abt 1905Indiana, United States I5525
13 Johnson, Martha  Abt 1837Indiana, United States I6467
14 Kelly, James Harvey  Abt 1912Indiana, United States I12729
15 Kelly, Joseph Virgil  Abt 1908Indiana, United States I12728
16 Kelly, Nancy  Abt 1840Indiana, United States I4558
17 Lackey, Lonson M.  1845Indiana, United States I8961
18 Lawson, Preston A.  Jun 1870Indiana, United States I12753
19 Long, Christine  1855Indiana, United States I5007
20 Long, Huffman  Apr 1845Indiana, United States I4901
21 Long, Mary  16 Oct 1850Indiana, United States I5006
22 Michael, Elizabeth  Abt Jan 1848Indiana, United States I11523
23 Michael, John  Abt 1852Indiana, United States I324
24 Michael, Matilda  18 Mar 1833Indiana, United States I11520
25 Michael, Rachel  1840Indiana, United States I326
26 Michael, Willliam  Mar 1853Indiana, United States I325
27 Miller, Eliza Ann  2 Dec 1847Indiana, United States I4419
28 Miller, Emma Lillion  4 Dec 1883Indiana, United States I758
29 Moore, Charlotte  1842Indiana, United States I5281
30 Murphy, John  13 May 1836Indiana, United States I2853
31 Sigler, Lydia  Mar 1854Indiana, United States I12353
32 Sigler, Margaret  Abt 1858Indiana, United States I5424
33 Sigler, Mary Jane  26 Aug 1860Indiana, United States I5425
34 Sigler, William  9 Nov 1862Indiana, United States I5426
35 Sigler, William Henson  Abt 1861Indiana, United States I12357
36 Sours, Russell  11 Mar 1905Indiana, United States I3360
37 Stone, Eliza Amanda  11 Jun 1848Indiana, United States I2848
38 Thorpe, Ellen  Jan 1855Indiana, United States I7791
39 Todd, Margaret  1823Indiana, United States I2924
40 Trammel, Samuel P.  Oct 1849Indiana, United States I4014
41 Wade, John  Abt 1840Indiana, United States I8965
42 Walls, Adrian S.  Abt 1913Indiana, United States I3654
43 Walls, Glen A.  Abt Aug 1909Indiana, United States I3639
44 _____, Catherine  Abt 1822Indiana, United States I4985
45 _____, Mary  Abt 1835Indiana, United States I2652


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Eli  10 Jan 1902Indiana, United States I11713
2 Buckey, Mary Edna  18 Mar 1953Indiana, United States I5057
3 Christman, Barbara Ella  1960Indiana, United States I4013
4 Florea, Josiah  18 Jul 1903Indiana, United States I2920
5 Hormell, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1859Indiana, United States I6890
6 Hormell, Nancy  Indiana, United States I6987
7 Kelly, Henry  1928Indiana, United States I4010
8 Kelly, Martha Jane  23 Nov 1942Indiana, United States I4011
9 Layton, Samuel  1859Indiana, United States I12762
10 Mankey, Gladys Annabelle  19 Dec 1989Indiana, United States I188
11 Walls, James  25 Jan 1871Indiana, United States I12420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Walls, Stella E.  Abt 8 Aug 1904Indiana, United States I2742


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Florea / Brooks  30 Jul 1861Indiana, United States F1379
2 Long / Erikson  13 Sep 1849Indiana, United States F2080