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2301 Toledo Memorial Park Colvin, Harland Dowe (I867)
2302 twin Honeyman, Anne (I4630)
2303 Twin Beck, Sarah (I6376)
2304 twin of Jacob Brink, Rachel Cornelisse (I11630)
2305 Twin to Joseph Florea, Josiah (I2920)
2306 Twin to Josiah Florea, Joseph S. (I2921)
2307 Twin Township Cemetery Leeth, Rosa Ella (I3005)
2308 Twin Township Cemetery Henry, Alfred Layton (I3060)
2309 Twin Township Cemetery Henry, June Avonell (I3064)
2310 Twin Township Cemetery, Walls, John C. (I1432)
2311 Uhrichsville Cemetery Bouscher, infant (I7288)
2312 Uniontown Cemetery Hankins, John (I7231)
2313 Unknown Smith, Ruth M. (I9651)
2314 unknown Bär, Jagley Jacob (I11754)
2315 Walls Cemetery Harmanson, Sabra (I347)
2316 Walls Cemetery Walls, Elias (I365)
2317 Walls Cemetery Walls, Rev. Joshua (I2658)
2318 Walls Cemetery _____, Ellen (I2659)
2319 Watson Cemetery Walls, Nehemiah Abner (I2955)
2320 West McBee Cemetery, McBee, James Alva (I1121)
2321 West McBee Cemetery, McBee, Amanda Ellen (I1122)
2322 West McBee Cemetery, McBee, Clyde F. (I2990)
2323 Westboro Cemetery Florea, Parker Merritt (I1912)
2324 Westboro IOOF Cemetery Athey, Nancy Marie (I1913)
2325 Westboro IOOF Cemetery Florea, Franklin Arthur (I1914)
2326 Westboro IOOF Cemetery Florea, Stanley (I1918)
2327 Westboro IOOF Cemetery Florea, Alpha Meritt (I1919)
2328 Westboro IOOF Cemetery Wood, Mary Koneta (I1920)
2329 Wheelock Cemetery Cress, Joseph Warren (I3420)
2330 Wheelock Cemetery Stump, Nora Marie (I6018)
2331 Wheelock Cemetery Knife, John L. (I6045)
2332 WILL
Springfield, Ohio 1910
.....I, Ferd. Sellers, being of a sound mind and setting of my own free will, do make herby my last will and testament.
...I desire, first, thast suitable markers should be placed at the graves of my beloved wife and myself and that the expenses of this and also my funeral be paid in full.
.....I will and bequeath Twenty five dollars ($25.00) each to the Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Societies of the Methodist Episcopal church.
.....After the payment of the above enumerated expenses and the bequests specified, I will and bequeath to my beloved daughter, Addie Sellers, all my remaining property of every character and description without reserve, and request that my son Harry H. Sellers and the beneficiary herein named act without bond and without compensation as joint administrators of my estate.
.....Signed in the presence of (signature) F. Sellers
J. C. Baker
Geo. Burroughs
D. R. Fox 
Sellers, Ferdinand (I6772)

The following is a translation of the will of Lambert Huybertse (Brink), of Hurley, the ancestor of the Brink family in America, who came from the Netherlands in 1659 and was one of the earliest settlers of 'Hurley, Ulster county, New York. He settled on the farm on the west side of the Esopus creek still in possession of a descendant bearing the family name. The will is recorded in the office of the county clerk of Ulster county and is translated from the original Dutch.


Be it known hereby to everybody, that to-day, the 12th day of February in the year of our Lord 1695/6, 1, Lambert Huybertse, of Hurley in the county of Ulster; well in body and in full power and use of my mind and memory, (praised be the Lord), considering the shortness and frailty of human life, the certainty of death and the uncertain hour thereof, and desiring to set everything in order, make this my last will and testament, in manner and form as follows: Revoking, annulling, declaring null and void, all and every testament and testaments, will and wills, heretofore made and passed, either verbally or in writing, and this alone to be taken far my last will and testament and no other.

First, I commend my soul to God Almighty, my Creator, to Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, and to the .Holy Spirit. my Sanctifier, and my body to the earth, whence it came, to be buried in a Christian manner, and there to, rest until my soul and body shall be reunited on the last day and enjoy the eternal joy of immortality, which God in his grace has promised and prepared by the only merits of our Saviour, for all who truly repent and believe in him. Concerning such wordly state of houses, lands, money, goods. accounts or what further belongs to my estate, which the Lord has been pleased to grant me beyond my merits, I order, give, and dispose thereof in form and manner following:

First, it is my wish and will, that all my honest debts shall, in due time, be paid.

Secondly, I give to my youngest son, Pieter Lambertse two horses, also, that the house in which he lives, shall be finished in garret, floor doors, win- dows, &c., out of my estate without anything being paid therefor to my other heirs. I further give to my said son, his order, heirs, or administrators, one just fifth part of my whole estate.

Thirdly, I give to my sons, Huybert Lammerse and Cornelis Lammerse, and to my sons-in-law, Cornelis Cool and Arien Gerretsen, one just fifth part of my whole estate, to dispose, each for himself, of said fifth part of my estate, as he pleases, only under this condition, that Arien Gerretsen shall have and enjoy the just fifth part of my land, lying next to the land belonging to him, and that in consideration of the fertility of this land my other four heirs shall have and enjoy in ownership my house, barn, &c., without paying therefor anything to said Arie Gerretse. but they shall divide in equal shares all other movable estate among themselves

Fourthly, I appoint as executors of this my last will and testament my said heirs, to-wit, Huybert Lammertse, Cornelis Lammerse, Pieter Lammerse, Cornelis Cool, and Arie Gerretse, demanding this my foregoing testament shall be fully obeyed and carried out. Thus done at Kingston on the day and year as above.

Before signing and passing this it is my wish that my son-in- law Cornelis Cool shall have in one piece two shares of the land occupied by me, to wit, the one now made over to him, and the other bought by him from my son Lammert Huybertse.

LAMMERT HUYBERTSE Signed, sealed and published by Lammert Huybertse as being his last will and testament in our presence. WESSEL TEN BROECK, JACOBIS LAMETER, ARIE ROOSE. [Proved 11 April 1702] 
Lambertse, Huybert (I6223)
2334 Willowview Cemetery Lackey, Clarence Ashton (I9103)
2335 Wilmslow Church, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England Newton, Humphrey (I3926)
2336 Wiltsie Cemetery Leeth, Lela (I162)
2337 Wiltsie Cemetery Shoemaker, Charles Sibous (I230)
2338 Wiltsie Cemetery Myton, Julia Ann (I278)
2339 Wiltsie Cemetery Payne, Martha Jane (I339)
2340 Wiltsie Cemetery Quince, Morris A. (I736)
2341 Wiltsie Cemetery Northrup, William Henry (I764)
2342 Winterset Cemetery Beck, James Gawn (I6373)
2343 Winterset Cemetery Thompson, Mary Buchanan (I6374)
2344 Woodland Cemetery Sellers, Mary Etta (I6785)
2345 Woodland Cemetery Pipher, Donald Eugene (I6805)

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